Bosch-Dremel 2615.448.632-081 Multi Chuck (black)


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Bosch-Dremel 2615.448.632-081 Multi Chuck (black)



In this world of technological advancements, it does not stand to reason to lug around a bulky tool box to every work site. Metallurgy will never be the same again with the striking new Dremel 2615.448.632-081 Multi Chuck (black), a fabulous new offering from the premier brand that is sure to bring unmitigated joy to any metal worker or mechanic. This is the perfect accessory for your home metal workshop. Use this piece of equipment in tandem with the Dremel multi-tool for optimal performance. The Dremel chuck seamlessly attaches with Dremel brand accessories without requiring a collet to the Dremel multi tool, eliminating the need for laborious wrenching facilitating easy accessory changes.


As a glorious thumb rule Dremel Home Improvement products offer the user ergonomically engineered comfortable range of tools that ooze convenience with its fabulous design features. Be sure to shop online for the Dremel Multi Chuck for a superlative drilling experience. It is available in a substantially sized package at 39.37 cm by 20.07 cm 9.84 cm in length, width and height respectively and weighs a mere 20 grams. Seamlessly carry out a plethora of detailed tasks like drilling and engraving with this amazing product fully utilizing the electrifying maximum speed of 35,000 RPM/minute which is offered by the scintillating Dremel multi-tool.




Seamlessly and effortlessly modify accessories according to your needs without collet or wrench.
Compatible with accessories ranging from 0.4 mm to 3.4 mm in size.
Combine it with the Dremel Multi Tool for optimal performance.