BDS Magnetic Drilling Machine MAB 200


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-900 Watt German make motor
-35 mm max diameter drilling with TCT, 32 mm max diameter drilling with HSS, 55 mm max cutting depth
-13 mm max twist drilling
-Single speed gear box, 450 RPM
-12 Kg. weight, 160 mm stroke



A Magnetic core drilling machine (also called as a Magnetic drill press, Mag drill, Magnetic drill, Portable drilling machine or Portable drill) is a machine tool fitted with a cutting tool attachment and an electromagnet, is used for drilling holes in. A magnetic core drilling machine is attached with cutting tools called as a core drill, this core drill is hollow from inside but has cutting edges on the surface and on teeth. A portable magnetic core drilling machine is a new technology machine and a faster substitute against the old technology metal hole making machines like Drill press, Geared head drill press, Radial arm drill press, Mill drill, etc.When you need to make holes and cannot take the work to a machine, a portable magnetic drill is usually the tool of choice. The difference between a conventional drilling machine and a core drilling machine is that a core drilling machine cuts only on the periphery of the hole and not all over the hole surface, hence it has to cut very little material and therefore is faster and economical. The other difference is that, unlike the conventional drilling machine, a magnetic core drilling machine is portable and flexible, it can be moved from one place to another, it can be fixed horizontally, vertically, sideways, etc. Such flexibility of working is never achieved by any other drilling machine.


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BDS Magnetic Drilling Machine MAB 200


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